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Our background

Beder Trædrejeri aims to be the industry's preferred partner within our competence areas turned wooden articles for the furniture industry, including handles, coat, Covering Caps.

Competitive prices, fast delivery times, a flexible and competent organization, as well as skilled and motivated employees are the key words that characterize our daily lives in Beder Trædrejeri.

Beder Trædrejeri was established in 1955 and has over the years, been one of the timber industry preferred partners within wood turning and finishing. The company stands today as a prosperous company specializing in turned wooden articles and small wooden components for the wood industry. In 2011, we acquired Dan Component.

10 modern rotating machines and a fully automatic machinery for wood processing and surface treatment are available. Daily production of 35,000 items and the company has a total production area of 1200 m2. Production is in operation 10 hours every day from. 06:00 - pm. 16:00 and in peak working full two - shift operation.


Per Poulsen owns the business and fixes the daily management tasks.
Kim Nicolajsen & Stone Poulsen works as manager in production.

Salg og Indkøb

Sales and purchases handled by Per Poulsen.


Accounts receivable and accounts payable are handled by Per Poulsen.